Artwork Details for Zhang Xiaochun (b. 1959) "Evening Flute"

Zhang Xiaochun (b. 1959) - Evening Flute

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Evening Flute
by Zhang Xiaochun (b. 1959)

Artist:Zhang Xiaochun (b. 1959)
Title:Evening Flute
Medium:Reduction Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Huge - 特に大きい, 100 x 75cm (sheet size)
Artwork Code:11125-Zhang_Xiaochun
Notes:Edition 29 from a small edition size of only 75 prints. This print won the "Outstanding Artwork Prize" of the National Chinese Youth Print Exposition in 1990. Remember, this print was produced via the woodblock reduction technique, so there can never be any further editions.

Zhang Xiaochun was born in 1959 in Mojiang, Yunan Province , China. He graduated from the Simao Art School in 1980 and subsequently from the Yunan Fine Art Academy in 1984. He is a master of the rare art form called woodblock reduction prints. Using only a single woodblock to complete the entire print, the woodblock reduction technique was born of a small group of Yunan Province artists. While Japanese woodblock prints are produced by carving a separate woodblock for each represented colour, the reduction woodblock printing technique produces a similar result by sequentially recarving a single block -- one time for each colour represented in the image. After each recarving, the entire edition is restruck with the new colour. After the last reduction carving and printing, the now reduced woodblock is of no further use and is discarded. Because the size of each edition is usually very low, and because there is guaranteed not to ever be a second edition (because the woodblock is effectively destroyed by the reduction process) the worth of prints produced by this technique is generally much greater than similar sized prints completed via the more traditional multi-block method. Thus the purchase of a print produced by the woodblock reduction technique is a guaranteed investment that can never be devalued by later editions.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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