Artwork Details for Kamei Shiichi (Meiji litho artist) "The Geisha Chiiku of Tokyo Shitaya"

Kamei Shiichi (Meiji litho artist) - The Geisha Chiiku of Tokyo Shitaya - 東京下谷藝妓小幾

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The Geisha Chiiku of Tokyo Shitaya - 東京下谷藝妓小幾
by Kamei Shiichi (Meiji litho artist) - 亀井至一

Artist:Kamei Shiichi (Meiji litho artist) - 亀井至一
Title:The Geisha Chiiku of Tokyo Shitaya - 東京下谷藝妓小幾
Series:Meiji Lithographs - 明治の石版画
Date:1883 March 7 (this artwork: 1972)
Publisher:Kamei Shiichi (Meiji litho) - 亀井至一
Medium:Lithograph - 石版画
Format:Large Oban - 大大判, 35 x 53cm (sheet size)
Condition:Fine. Tip-mounted to the original series folder.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:12226-Kamei_Shiichi
Notes:This print is from the series "Meiji Lithographs", compiled by Yoshida Kogoro (吉田小五郎編) and published in 1972 by Shunyodo (春陽堂). The 20-print series contains a selection of some of the most outstanding bijin and landscape scenes published via the lithographic technique in the Meiji Era. This 1972 edition appears to have been reproduced via a high-quality photographic method. Note: the purchase price is for this particular scene, not the entire series. Due to the large format and heavy folder the shipping weight is about 1.3kg.

明治16年3月7日届 石版多色刷
Artist Biography:
亀井至一 かめい-しいち 1843-1905 明治時代の洋画家。 天保(てんぽう)14年生まれ。横山松三郎に洋画と石版術をまなぶ。内国勧業博覧会の第1回に「上野徳川氏家廟之図」を,第3回に「美人弾琴図」を出品。明治22年明治美術会の結成に参加。風俗画や美人画を得意とした。明治38年死去。63歳。江戸出身。本姓は北島。
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