Artwork Details for Terauchi Fukutaro (b. December 9th, 1891) "Village by Stream in Autumn"

Terauchi Fukutaro (b. December 9th, 1891) - Village by Stream in Autumn

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Village by Stream in Autumn
by Terauchi Fukutaro (b. December 9th, 1891)

Artist:Terauchi Fukutaro (b. December 9th, 1891)
Title:Village by Stream in Autumn (1)
Medium:Watercolour - 水彩画
Format:Mitsugiri - 三つ切り, cm (sheet size)
Condition:Very good, just a slight matte line suggesting some slight fading.
Price:$180 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $30)
Artwork Code:13532-Terauchi_Fukutaro
Notes:Signature 'Terauchi' at lower left. Frame is not included.
(1) This artwork is either untitled or the title is unknown.
Artist Biography:
Very little is known about the artist Fukutaro Terauchi. Marc Kahn of in his article "Paintings by Terauchi, Masterpieces or Tourist Souvenirs?" speculated that Terauchi may be actually a group of artists who mass-produced watercolours for the tourist market. Later, I received an email from Fran Walker who owns an October 1963 Kyoto Hanga-In catalog, which contains two woodblock prints by the artist Fukutaro Terauchi (see my article on Kyoto Hanga-In catalogs here, and view page 27 of the 1963 catalog). One of these woodblock prints is shown below. Marc Kahn also received further independent information regarding Fukutaro Terauchi from a collector who purchased his paintings in the early 1970's. A Certificate of Authenticity included with these paintings states that Fukutaro Terauchi was born on December 9th, 1891. In 1910 he entered the private school of Kiyoteru Kuroda, and later became a member of the Hakuba Association. While we can speculate as to whether Terauchi was active pre-war or not, we can say with certainty that he was active in the 1960s and possibly the 1970s, although I have seen his death listed as having occurred in 1964. Do not confuse this artist with Terauchi Manjiro -- they are two different artists and their signatures are completely different. If you have a watercolour with a signature similar to those of the Terauchi paintings shown below, then your painting is not by Terauchi Manjiro.
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