Artwork Details for Ofude Toshio (a. 1930s) "The Current Style"

Ofude Toshio (a. 1930s) - The Current Style - 時局調

The Current Style - 時局調
by Ofude Toshio (a. 1930s) - 大筆敏夫

Artist:Ofude Toshio (a. 1930s) - 大筆敏夫
Title:The Current Style - 時局調
Date:10 May 1938
Publisher:Ukiyo-e Dokokai - 浮世絵同好会
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Koban - 小判, 12.5 x 19.6cm (sheet size)
Artwork Code:13667-Ofude_Toshio
Notes:A rare kuchi-e featuring a bijin with "moga' hairstyle, from the pre-war magazine Ukiyo-e Kai, produced via the kappa-zuri (合羽摺り) technique. The magazine cove is a woodblock print by Kaburagi Kiyokata. From Volume 3, number 5.

Kappazuri, also known as kappa-zuri, kappazuri-e, and as katagamizuri-e, are Japanese prints printed in a single color (usually black) from woodblocks and then colored by stenciling. Prints produced entirely by stenciling, without woodblocks, are also called kappazuri. Kappazuri may be identified by the presence of visible brushstrokes, unevenness of color, pooling of ink at the margins of the stencil cutouts, and gaps or overlaps between colored areas and black outlines.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

Artist Biography:
Designed a set of bijin-ga of modern women, published via Kato Junji.
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