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Kitagami Seigyu (1891 - 1970) - Three Aspects of Spring

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Three Aspects of Spring
by Kitagami Seigyu (1891 - 1970) - 北上聖牛

Artist:Kitagami Seigyu (1891 - 1970) - 北上聖牛
Title:Three Aspects of Spring
Medium:Scroll/Makuri roll - 掛軸ーまくり
Format:Long scroll - 掛軸, 17 x 80 inches
Condition:Surprisingly very good condition for scrolls of this age. Silk surround is in fine condition. Minimal soils and creasing to the painted area. Some age spots to the verso. Hand painted on paper. Bone end rollers.
Price:$800 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $40)
Artwork Code:13816-Kitagami_Seigyu
Notes:Beautiful spring scenes of Ume (plum flowers), Sakura (cherry blossoms) and Sagi (white crane) in reeds. Complete with artist signed, sealed, and titled wooden scroll box. The last image below shows a signature and red seal on another scroll painting. Note that the signature is well known to be that of Kitagami Seigyu, however, it differs in style to the signature on these scrolls (although they all read "Seigyu"). Note that the red seals on all the scrolls are exactly the same, so I have no doubt this scroll set is by Kitagami Seigyu, or perhaps one of his family members. Scroll artists do change their signature style over time, so it is possible that the signatures on this scroll set were written at a different time in Kitagami Seigyu's career to those of his more well-known signature.
Artist Biography:
Kitagami Seigyû was born on Hokkaidô. In 1913 he went to Kyoto and entered the studio of Takeuchi Seihô (1864-1942). In 1916 he won a prize at the 10th Bunten, and he also won prizes at the Teiten and at other exhibitions. In the later part of his career he also had solo exhibitions. His main themes were kachôga (flower-and-bird paintings) and landscapes.

略歴: 師・竹内栖鳳 明治24年北海道函館生れ。 本名利一郎。別号北山・池龍・利一  叔父は日本画家北上峻山。 文展・帝展に入選多数。 昭和45年79才没。

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