Utagawa Kunisada - Asagarasu Sumie no Uchikake - Volume 10

Asagarasu Sumie no Uchikake - Volume 10
by Utagawa Kunisada

Artist: Utagawa Kunisada Sheet Size: Koban, each approx. 11.5 x 17.6cm
Ehon Title: Asagarasu Sumie no Uchikake

Volume 10 (upper and lower).

Condition: Overall very good condition. No wormholes and only very minor soiling. Binding has been replaced. See large images below.
Series Title: N/A Item Code: Ehon-01
Date: 1871 Price: $150
Publisher: Unread Detail Images: Large image
Comments: "Asagarasu" literaly means "bright crow" and is probably the name of the main character. "Uchikake" is a long garment worn over a kimono. Both ehon have 22 pages each.

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Some pages from this ehon:

Inside front covers of the two ehons

Back covers

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