Five Seasonal Festivals - The courtesan Hanahito
Five Seasonal Festivals - The courtesan Hanahito

by Eisui Ichirakutei

Artist: Eisui Ichirakutei (active ca. 1790-1823)
一楽斎 栄水
Print Title: The courtesan Hanahito, from the Ogi-ya
Series Title: Five Seasonal Festivals
Date: Circa 1798
(Showa-era edition)
Publisher: Ukiyo-e Publishing Company
Sheet Size: Oban, approx. 40 x 27cm
Condition: Fine impression and condition (pristine). Original untrimmed state. No tears, folds, stains, creases or foxing. Never been framed. Remnants of tip-mounting to original folder on verso. See large images below.
Item Code: Eisui-01
Price: $90 SOLD
Detail Images: Large image.
Verso with publisher's seal.
Image of the original 1790's print by Eisui.
Comments: Ichirakutei Eisui (active 1789-1823). This is a bust portrait of the courtesan Hanahito of the Ogi-ya. The Doll Festival from a set of the Five Seasonal Festivals published by Maru-ya Bun'emon, c.1798. You can find the British Museum's impression of this print illustrated in the reference text "Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collections" as print number 205.
  This type of print shows a woman of the pleasure quarters. The Edo period red-light districts were officially sanctioned, however, they weren't the playground for just anyone. The popular top-class geishas of the day (known as oiran) were depicted in this type of print. In ukiyo-e woodblock prints, this close-up portrait view of the upper body is known as an okubi-e (bust portrait).
  Publisher seals on verso. Printer: Maeda; Carver: Tanaka.

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