A Village (Snow) - Yoshimi Okamoto

A Village (Snow)
by Yoshimi Okamoto
Limited edition, sample 1/6

Artist: Yoshimi Okamoto Sheet Size: Huge! Approx. 67 x 30.5cm
Print Title: A Village (Snow) Condition: Fine condition. Full margins; No tears, stains, creases, or folds. Printed in fine washi paper.
Note: the browning in the margins does not appear to be matte burn, but an intended "border" that surrounds the print. There is a clear indentation along the edge of this border that was made by one of the woodblocks Okamoto used to print this scene. See large image below.
Series Title: N/A Item Code: Okamoto-03
Date: 1989 Price: Sold
Publisher: Self Detail Images: Large image
Comments: Limited edition, sample 1/6 from an edition size of 976. The title shown on the print is the Okamoto catalog number "6-01". "Sample" edition at left of bottom margin, catalog number "6-01"in centre. Okamoto now goes by the name Ryusei Okamoto. Due to the large size I will ship this print rolled in a sturdy tube.

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