Wanted - Woodblock Prints and Watercolours

Before you read further: I (and most dealers in general) obviously cannot send payments to "strangers on the Internet" without first seeing the physical artwork and confirming its condition. I would already be a very poor man if I did not insist on this, as there are a lot of scammers unfortunately. That means a seller will have to ship the artworks to me here in Japan prior to payment. This is obviously a big stumbling block when the seller and purchaser (me) live in different locations.

I am always on the lookout for prints and paintings to add to my collection. I am particularly interested in any early-edition prints by Tsuchiya Koitsu, Torii Kotondo and Shotei (Takahashi Hiroaki). By early edition I mean prints that were printed during their lifetime (lifetime strikes).

If you have such artworks that you are willing to sell at a reasonable price, please email me their details including thorough condition report, selling price, and LARGE clear images of each artwork, including front and verso images. Due to the large volume of email requests I receive (and the fact that I work a "typical" Japanese work week of 6 days/70+ hours), I am unfortunately only able to respond to your email if I am interested in purchasing your artwork.

Note: I do not purchase framed artworks, or artworks that have been mounted to a backing. The images you send me will need to be of the artwork alone, unframed and unmatted.

The artwork would have to be unframed and in at least very good condition (no matte burn; no tears, creases, folds, stains, foxing; no margin trimming; not backed or glued down to a backing or the front matte). Some creasing and stains in the margins may be ok. When you email me, please include the following:

You would have to be prepared to ship the artwork to me here in Japan for final appraisal prior to payment. If you email me photos of any damage you find on the artwork before you post it, the chances of me rejecting it on appraisal will be almost zero -- to date I have never had to return an artwork to a seller.

For U.S.A. sellers the postage cost will be around US$35 via USPS Priority Mail International for oban-sized prints (10 x 15 inches). Larger artworks can perhaps be carefully rolled in a sturdy four-inch tube (or larger) for about the same price. See my article on safe packaging of artworks here. I will make payment upon safe receipt of your artwork and confirmation of their reported condition, either via

I am an eBay member (username rossfwalker) so please feel free to check my eBay feedback rating.

Once again, here's a summary of what I need when you email me:

A Note About Valuations

Most art owners will try to value their artworks based on commercial gallery sale prices. Unfortunately, this method can give an overly optimistic indication of 'fair market value'. This is because most commercial galleries often sell art at several times their buy price. A much more accurate method of determining the 'fair market value' of art is by using recent auction sale prices. I buy the majority of my artworks via auctions, so I will use average auction prices when making an offer for your artworks.

I also have a small collection of Japanese woodblock prints and paintings for sale here.

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